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A Brief history of RC Cars - Force1RC

A Brief history of RC Cars

October 14, 2022

So, you got your Force1 RC Atomic X and your Cyclone LED, and you’re up to date with the world of RC cars. But do you know about its history?

That’s right! Today, we’ll be looking at part 1 of a set of blogs dedicated to the origins of RC cars and their development through the decades. We’re only covering up to the 1970s, so if you want to know more about the history of this wonderful hobby, read on!
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Holiday 2021 Gift Guide - Force1RC

Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

November 30, 2021

Simplify your Holiday shopping this year with this specially curated list of our newest and coolest toys of the season! Make gift-giving more fun and exciting with hand operated drones, remote control stunt cars, high speed RC boats, and more!
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4th of July - Force1 RC

Patriotic 4th of July Gift Guide

July 02, 2021

Enjoy good food, great music, the company of family and friends, and freedom. Get that much-needed chill and relaxation time from everything that’s been happening in the world. Whether you’re the host or the guest at a 4th of July party, make sure to bring good vibes (and good treats) to the table.

Happy Independence Day, America!
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Top 5 Best Gifts for the Best Dads - Force1RC

Top 5 Best Gifts for the Best Dads

June 14, 2021

Father’s Day--it only comes once a year, making it truly special for the special men in our lives. Make the day extra special with gifts to show them how much we appreciate them and how much we’d love to see them have fun. 

We’ve all been there--stumped at picking the best gifts for dads and so, we’re listing our top 5 best toys for men. Choose one, two, or get them all!
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Top Drone Gifts For 2021 Graduates - Drone Buying Guide - Force1RC

Top Drone Gifts For 2021 Graduates - Drone Buying Guide

June 07, 2021

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Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys  - Force1RC

Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys 

March 12, 2021

As spring approaches, everyone is getting thrilled about warmer days and spending more time under the sun. Officially, we will be having more daylight soon - daylight saving starts 14th March - and we will be hearing more about spring breaks as we reach the 20th. Such exciting times!
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Lockdown Valentine's Day Date Ideas - Force1RC

Lockdown Valentine's Day Date Ideas

February 12, 2021

It can be difficult to celebrate Valentine’s day when we’re still on lockdown. While we wait for the world to return to normal, we can roll with the times and celebrate Valentine’s day differently - like these fun virtual Valentine's day date ideas.
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Force1 Summer Buyer’s Guide 2020 - Force1RC

Force1 Summer Buyer’s Guide 2020

August 04, 2020

Summer is here and it can be daunting to spend the whole season at home. It’s no fun postponing your trips, but you can still make your summers more enjoyable with cool tech toys and gizmos, like our remote controlled toys. Whether you’re in for land, air, or water fun, our RC toys have got your back!

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How Do Motion Sensor Drones Work? - Force1RC

How Do Motion Sensor Drones Work?

February 08, 2020

Motion sensor drones have been compared to non-contact volleyball - as in a flying drone ball that you don’t touch. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? If you’re curious about flying a motion sensor drone, check out the details on piloting a drone without a remote and find the hands-free drone for you! Read on and see why these hand controlled drones are all everyone is talking about!
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The 2019 Drone Buyer’s Guide - Force1RC

The 2019 Drone Buyer’s Guide

November 15, 2019

Looking for flying toys this holiday season and don’t know where to start? Let us steer you right with our 2019 Drone Buyer’s Guide. We’ve made it super simple this year with drones for kids, teens, and adults of all experience levels. Our hand operated drone collection has gotten even bigger this year with our Scoot Collection, we’ve made it even easier for first time pilots with our selection of Drones for Beginners, and lastly, we’re featuring an impressive selection of Advanced Drones with features like GPS control, VR-compatibility, and mobile-device connectivity. Check out the collection and find your perfect flyer!
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2019 Father’s Day and Graduation Gift Guide + Coupon Code - Force1RC

2019 Father’s Day and Graduation Gift Guide - Force1RC

May 27, 2019

Father's Day and Graduation Celebrations are upon us! Get 40% off some of our top camera drones, FPV drones, folding drones and more! Check out our gift guide to find awesome graduation gifts for him or her, Father's Day gifts and cool flying toys for the summer ahead. Embrace the quadcopter this June - there's something for everyone!
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The Toughest Drone - Force1RC

The Toughest Drone

March 10, 2019

What's the toughest drone? A lot of drones and quadcopters claim to be tougher than the rest, but what makes them tough? Is it a harder shell? A drone that can take a hit? Extra quadcopter blades? Or something else? We're exploring the question and we have plenty of rugged drones for kids, teens, and adults to recommend.
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