Force1 RC 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

November 19, 2022

Force1 RC 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

So, the Holidays are close, and people are starting to get a head start on their shopping. We know that these last few weeks can be hectic, especially if you’re not planning to take advantage of sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But rest assured: you aren’t alone, and we are here to help! To get you started on your holiday shopping, we’ve come up with a list of our best toys of the year; smiles/glee guaranteed! So, what are the best Force1 gift ideas this holiday season? Read on and find out!


RCs With Speed

If Force1 is known for anything, it’s RCs. Unfortunately, we can’t add them all here, so we hand-picked the fastest and most dynamic options on our catalog. Ready to know which they are?


Cyclone LED

A fast-paced, all-terrain RC car, the Cyclone LED isn’t your average off-roader. This two-sided RC car can flip itself backwards and still be able to pull off stunts! The RC car can also make speedy turns, quick spins, and 360° flips! To top it off, its wheels are illuminated with LEDs, so you can race the Cyclone even in the dark!


Ready for a whirlwind of LEDs and off-road fun?! If so, the Tornado LED is your best choice. Thanks to its sturdy frame, this RC stunt car can endure the toughest of terrains, while its LEDs can illuminate any racetrack! To top it off, you can also do 360° two-wheel spins with the push of a button. Without a doubt, this RC car packs quite a punch!


Velocity H102 Boat

Prefer seas and lakes as your racetrack? Then the Velocity H102 is the perfect RC toy for you! With easy controls, rechargeable batteries and +20 mph sailing, this RC boat has it and more. If you’ve only tried RC cars and you’ve never felt the thrill of water racing, then look no further!


Storm and Shark Rider

This duo knows no bounds! The Storm and Shark riders are a mix between our dino whirlers and the Tornado LED, offering easy controls and great stunts. Choose whichever you like most, and prepare for wheelies, two driving modes, and bright LEDs! No matter which you choose, the Storm and Shark Riders are excellent RC car contenders.


Incoming Drones!

Just like with RCs, we at Force1 RC love drones, and we have a wide selection ranging from beginner to intermediate expertise. Here are our best drone holiday suggestions for 2022.


UFO 5000

Ready for not one, but 11 LED patterns you can switch at will?! Then the UFO 5000 is an excellent choice! This intermediate drone offers bright LED patterns and a RC controller for tighter turns/spins. The drone also comes with rechargeable batteries, and its one-button 360° flips guarantee stunts at any time. The UFO 5000 also won the’s seal for STEM excellence!


Scoot Pro

It may look like a UFO, but it’s definitely man-made! The Scoot Pro is the newest addition to our Scoot line of indoor drones, and it improved many of its features. It now has 360° motion sensing, so it can detect objects in any direction for ultimate obstacle avoidance! Being an indoor drone, it’s the perfect drone for beginners. To top it off, the Scoot Pro also won the Mom’s choice award silver medal for product excellence!



Looking for a circular-shaped drone? Then don’t miss out on the Orbiter! This indoor drone isn’t as flashy as the Scoot Pro, but it comes with its own nifty features. Control its flight using hand-gestures, and if it gets away you can turn it off with its own on/off remote! The Orbiter also won the seal for STEM excellence, meaning that it exemplifies the best in STEM principles.


And that’s it! We hope that our holiday list has given you a head start on your shopping. However, if you want to see more of our products, you can always browse our main website.

And remember that our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale runs from the 18-30th, just use code BFCM at checkout for 30% off site-wide!

Gift-buying/giving isn’t the most important part of the holiday season, but it sure makes an impression! From all of us at Force1 RC, we wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday season!