Force1 RC Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

January 30, 2023

Force1 RC Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is closing in like a racecar to the finish line! As a Force1 fan, we know that you’re looking for something unique and exciting for you and your loved ones this Valentine’s, so we’ve got you covered!

The following is a list of our best interactive and multiplayer-friendly games, so that you and your family can have an engaging and memorable day, no matter what you choose. Which riveting toys have we picked for our Valentine’s day list? Read on to find out!



Scoot Pro

Enhance your Valentine’s day excitement with the Scoot Pro! This exhilarating indoor drone comes with 360° obstacle detection and 360° flipping capabilities, making it a unique gift option for your significant other. It also has bright LEDs all around its chassis, which ensures that the fun stays on, day or night. Pass it from room to room and watch as the LEDs illuminate your home with kaleidoscopic patterns! For more than one drone, you can get our Scoot Duo instead; it comes with two scoot indoor drones you can share, and they come in two colors: red and blue.

The Scoot Pro won the 2022 Mom’s Choice Award Silver medal for toy excellence, so you can rest assured its quality is guaranteed. Also, it currently holds the #1 Amazon best-seller badge for the Hobby RC Quadcopters & Multirotors category!



Dino Whirlers

We all love dinosaurs, which is why this next entry will be a guaranteed hit with your loved ones! The Dino Whirlers come with 360° rotating front wheels that let it carry out all sorts of stunts. Dare your significant other to outdo your RC car stunts, or set an obstacle course and compete  for the best time score! If you have kids, you can get more than one Dino Whirler and race each other to the finish line. The coolest thing is that they come in 3 different shapes and colors, so you and your loved ones can pick the ones you like most. The shapes/colors are T-Rex (green), Triceratops (red) and Raptor (blue).The Dino Whirlers have been awarded the 2022’s seal for STEM excellence.




The Orbiter is another unique indoor drone you can gift your significant other this Valentine’s Day! Simple to use and multiplayer-friendly, the Orbiter can add fun and excitement to your holiday in many different ways. Play hot potato as you pass it along with your loved ones, or chase/catch it from one room to another! To double the fun, get our Orbiter 2-pack, which gives you two sphere-shaped indoor drones you can play and share with!



Storm Rider and Shark Rider

Bring a sense of adventure to your Valentine’s with the Shark Rider and Storm Rider! These fast-paced RC cars can switch between three driving modes, have a removable driver figure, and come with fantastic FX sounds and LEDs. Compete with your loved ones over that last piece of chocolate, or race with your kids in your backyard! No matter how many you get, the Storm Rider and Shark Rider are sure to bring excitement to your Valentine's Day plans.


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to create memorable moments for you and your loved ones, so don’t miss the chance and plan early! We hope that our guide helped you with your goals, and we wish you and yours a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Which of these engaging toys did you get your significant other? Let us know in the comments below, and tag us on your Valentine’s Day social media posts using @Force1rc or #Force1rc!