2022 Wrap-Up: Force1 RC Best Sellers!

January 11, 2023

2022 Wrap-Up: Force1 RC Best Sellers!

For some of us, 2022 went by in the blink of an eye; for others, it was an epic race to the finish line! Many people use the beginning of the year to look back and to learn from their experiences, and we are no exception. Therefore, this month’s blog will be just that: A retrospective look at all the award-winning/best-selling toys we released in 2022, so that you have a second chance to get yours if you missed them. Join us as we highlight Force1 RC’s best toys from 2022!




We started 2022 strong, with a two-wheeled stunt car that, just like many of our brand’s toys, has lots of LEDs and attitude! The Tornado LED is an all-terrain RC car, so it can run on the roughest or flattest ground. The RC car is shockproof and can drive on any of its sides, so you can easily get back up after making 360° stunts/spins. It’s an awesome beginner-to-intermediate RC car, which is why we recommend it highly!

The Tornado LED became a top seller during the Holidays, reaching #3 in the “toys  games” list, and becoming the #1 best seller for the Hobby RC Crawler category. If you didn’t have a reason to get yours, you do now!




September saw our release of the Scoot Pro, a more premium version of our Scoot line of indoor drones. This one became a hit, thanks to its 360° object detection, its generous amounts of LEDs, and its ability to make 360° flips with simple hand gestures.

The Scoot Pro was awarded the Mom’s Choice Awards’ 2022 Silver Medal for product excellence, which was a superb highlight for us, our product, and our brand. It also reached #5 on Amazon’s top-selling Toys & Games list, and it received a #1 best seller badge in the Hobby RC Quadcopters & Multirotors category




Released at the beginning of November, the Storm and Shark Rider were very well received, and were highlighted in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide blog for November. This RC stunt car differs from our other RCs in that it has three different driving modes, comes with a removable driver, and it emits excellent sound FXs for an immersive experience.

The Storm Rider won the STEM.org’s authenticated trust seal for STEM excellence, giving us another reason to celebrate in 2022! It also earned an Amazon’s Choice badge for the Motorcycle Remote Control Toy category, assuring us that our customers love our storm-inducing RC cars!




Another recipient of the 2022 STEM.org’s authenticated seal for STEM excellence, the Orbiter is a simpler indoor drone model that still packs up a flying punch! Use your hand gestures to move it about and enjoy bright LEDs as it soars around your home. If the drone flies away or you’d like to turn it off, you can do so from a distance with its one-button on-off remote!




Released in late November, the Dino Whirlers became one of our most engaging RC stunt cars. Just like its Whirler 360 brother, its front wheels can spin 360 degrees, helping it create all sorts of awesome stunts. Also, don’t worry If it flips backwards, as it can get back up thanks to its fifth wheel up top! The Dino Whirlers were also the recipient of 2022’s STEM.org’s seal for STEM excellence, giving our products another victory throughout the year.


And with this last entry, we bring our 2022 retrospective to a close. Which toys from our list did you get during the year? Which ones will you get next? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

We hope that 2022 brought you memorable experiences, and we wish you and yours a prosperous 2023! What will the year bring for Force1 RC? No spoilers, you’ll just have to wait and see!