Introducing Force1's complete list of flying drones ranging from beginners to pros. Hand controlled drones for the little ones, high tech camera drones for advanced drone flyers, and various types of drones in between. For young drone pilots and first time drone flyers, the hands-free motion sensor drone is a great choice as these hand operated drones fly without a remote. To play, simply toss this mini drone into the air then use your hands to guide its flight. Equipped with smart obstacle avoidance motion sensors, this hand drone will detect your hand and other obstacles then fly towards the opposite direction, all on its own. Smart, huh? Because of this cool feature, we're receiving lots of love for these hand drones, so we've expanded the Scoot drone family to include extra large Scoot drones, kid drones with more ultra bright LEDs and perform 360° flips, 2-color Scoot drones, and 2-pack toy drones for twice the mini drone flying fun! Next, we have drones for slightly older kids, and these are the mini remote control UFO drones. These mini RC drones fly with ultra bright LEDs for exciting drone flying day or night. Launch, land, hover at a set height, perform 360° flips, and zoom through the air space with a push of a button. For older drone pilots or for the more experienced drone flyers--teens, young adults, and yes, adults, we have remote control camera drones as well. These high tech drones are equipped with HD drone camera to capture crisp images and video footage from the sky, Altitude Hold to keep the drone flying at a set height, Headless Mode for no-hassle pilot-to-drone orientation, 6-axis Gyro for ensured drone stability throughout each flight, easy directional controls, and high capacity drone batteries for longer flight time to name a few. Want to get more out of your GoPro action camera? Mount it on our GoPro-compatible brushless drone and see where each flight takes you. Find your perfect hobby drone here!