Scoot 2 Hand Drones with Light UP LED (Dark Metal Gray/Matte Black)

Experience extraterrestrial hands-free flying with this UFO toy! Our newest Scoot drone leaves epic red, blue and white LED light trails as it zooms across the night sky.

  • INCLUDES: (1) LED Scoot 2 Hands-Free Auto Drone measures 4.75” D, USB Charging Cable, Mini Screwdriver, User Manual
  • HIGH TECH: Thesehand controlled drones use infrared sensors to navigate and perform 360° flips;Features a crashproof shell with a ring ofLED lights around it
  • BEGINNER DRONE: Since this drone eliminates the complications of remote controls, this is great for beginners. Anyone can perform 360° flips like a pro and maneuver this drone with the palm of their hands.
  • 1-KEY LIFT/LAND:  It only takes one button to launch and land this drone or you can simply toss it in the air to take flight.
  • QUALITY ASSURED: We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not happy with these hand operated drones.