Mini Tornado LED USB Charger

Rumble, race, and drive better with your mini tornado remote control car over all tall obstacles! Drive your mini tornado in all directions, make hard turns, adventurous drifts, or robust spins with the best of all choices and quality USB charger!

Provide brisk to your super-fun mini-tornado remote control car’s speed and more glow to its LED lights with this quality LED USB charger. Now fear not to keep rolling your car on even hardwood, sand, asphalt, or gravel with long-lasting battery time!

Durable: This charger is a perfect choice to keep your mini tornado, enduring, mighty, and  lively for a long run.

STEM Rechargeable RC Car It is charged with an internal rechargeable battery that takes about 10 or 15 minutes to get it fully charged with this USB charger and extends the playtime for kids. Moreover, the charger keeps the ports safe and protected. 

Quality Assured: We’ll provide a full refund, if you’re not thrilled with this beneficial RC car’s LED USB Charger. 

Shop now and have super fun!