Top 5 Best Gifts for the Best Dads

June 14, 2021

Top 5 Best Gifts for the Best Dads - Force1RC

Father’s Day--it only comes once a year, making it truly special for the special men in our lives. Make the day extra special with gifts to show them how much we appreciate them and how much we’d love to see them have fun. 

We’ve all been there--stumped at picking the best gifts for dads and so, we’re listing our top 5 best toys for men. Choose one, two, or get them all!

  1. H102 Velocity RC Boat
Great for Dads who love water activities, this high tech yet very maneuverable remote control boat will get you into the season of outdoor water play right out of the box! The H102 Velocity RC Boat is a tough and smart RC boat with easy directional controls--your old man will be driving this like a pro in no time! 

  • Make waves on lakes and pools! High speed RC boat with powerful motor races fast at 20mph!
  • Easy and responsive steering for smooth remote control boat driving.
  • No more lost boats! 120 meters wide signal range + low range alarm takes care of that.
  • Race against other RC boats without interference with the easy-to-use 4-channel remote.
  • Get back to racing with Capsize Recovery Mode that automatically rights upturned boats.
  • Nonstop boat racing for 15 minutes with the included high capacity rechargeable 7.4v 1100mAh Li-ion battery.
  • Features a safety mechanism that keeps the boat turned off when outside the water.

    2. Fog Runner LED RC Monster Truck
This robust remote control truck is perfect for trailblazer Dads who enjoy taking on unsurfaced roads, tracks, and off road terrains. The oversized grippy rubber tires take you to unpaved roads while the special mist trail feature adds fun to the whole driving experience.

  • High speed RC truck with AWD tires for smooth on- and off-road driving.
  • Chunky remote transmitter with easy directional controls.
  • 2 swappable LED car shells--like driving 2 RC trucks in 1!
  • 5 bright flashing LED modes for illuminated night driving.
  • Powerful RC car motor + high capacity rechargeable battery for 30 minutes of uninterrupted play.
  • 1:16 scale monster truck climbs up to 45° incline--indoors or out!
  • Just add water on your Fog Runner toy truck and watch it shoot out rear exhaust stream as it drives!

    3. F200SE Shadow Hex RC Drone with Camera
Now we take the fun to the skies. This remote control camera drone features a sleek design that’s perfect for a sophisticated Dad, yet built with easy controls for beginner drone flyers. Couple those with smart features and you get a good quality drone that easily makes it to the favorite gifts list.

  • Aerodynamic drone design with tough shell and propellers.
  • 1080p HD drone camera to capture crisp photos and video footage from the sky.
  • Fly with your phone! Android or Apple, the Wi-Fi FPV feature lets you fly this drone using your mobile device and see what your drone sees in every flight. 
  • Experience the celebrity life and have a drone follow you around. The Follow-Me and GPS feature keeps your drone close by to capture you and the world around you.
  • Say no to lost drones! This FPV drone is equipped with 3 Return-Home functions and a wide signal range of up to 500 meters.
  • Altitude Hold keeps the drone hovering at a set height and Headless Mode offers hassle-free pilot-to-drone orientation.
  • Launch, fly, land with a push of a button.

    4.U49WF Blue Heron RC Camera Drone
With the included chunky remote transmitter that offers the perfect grip for comfortable flying, this camera drone is also packed with high tech and smart features every hobby drone flyers will enjoy. Is this Dad’s first drone? No worries! This RC drone is also designed with easy directional controls for no-hassle flying.

  • Real time Wi-Fi FPV drone feature lets you see what your drone sees from up above.
  • Create custom flight paths on your mobile device and watch this camera drone follow the route you set.
  • Nonstop flight time for 30 minutes with (2) 7.4V 1000mAh Li-Po batteries.
  • High-powered drone motor for high speed drone racing up to 3 warp speeds!
  • Altitude Hold for fixed hover height and Headless Mode for easy drone orientation.
  • Durable and reliable drone propeller guards for increased safety and protection.
  • High landing gear ensures safe takeoff and landing every time.

    5. F72 Rogue Remote Control Camera Drone
Capping off this top 5 best gift ideas for Dads is the F72 Rogue RC drone with camera. Flying a drone is one thing, flying with the drone is another. This RTF drone lets you fly with it in VR mode and witness how beautiful the world is from up above! Equipped with VR-capabilities, this top quality drone is one of Force1’s drone favorites--and soon, will be your Dad’s favorite, too!

  • VR-compatibility feature lets you fly with VR goggles and explore the skies using your phone!
  • Capture intense HD pics and video footage from an aerial perspective.
  • Stable flights guaranteed and precise imagery captured with Altitude Hold.
  • 1-Key Lift/Land and Headless Mode for no-fuss drone orientation.
  • Create custom routes on your mobile device and race at 3 warp speeds.
  • Nonstop drone flying fun for up to 20 minutes with (2) 7.4v 350mAh Li-Po batteries.
  • Protect the blades with tough propeller guards.

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