Patriotic 4th of July Gift Guide

July 02, 2021

4th of July - Force1 RC

Red, white, and blue! 4th of July marks the independence of our nation and is being celebrated by honoring tradition and spending time with loved ones. This year may be a little different from what we’re used to, but despite the lockdowns and restrictions in gatherings, there are still plenty of ways we can show our star-spangled spirit.

Celebrations may differ from one home to another. And from us here at Force1, we celebrate with awesome gifts and super cool toys! And we’re sharing our favorites with you!

Velocity RC Boat

This day may just be one of the best days of the year to go out and play! Take the fun to the nearest lake or pool and race this high speed remote control boat alone or with a handful of the most precious people in your life. 

Running on high powered boat motors and high capacity rechargeable battery, this RC boat cut through water at 20mph! New to boat driving? No worries! This freshwater remote control boat is loaded with beginner-friendly features that’ll take your driving from newb to pro in no time!

Other cool features include Auto Capsize Recovery Mode that automatically rights upturned boats, double hatch RC boat body for superb waterproof capabilities, easy directional controls to drift and make waves at every turn, low battery alarm to let you know when it’s time to bring the boat home, and a water safety feature that prevents the boat from turning on while outside of the water.

Choose from Red, Blue, and well.. Green RC boat and start racing today! And because it’s a special occasion, we’re giving away a special treat just for you! Save $20 when you buy 2 Velocity Boats! That’s right -- 2 remote control boats for only $120!

Tornado RC Stunt Car

Time to rev up and get the gear running! This robust remote control stunt car is one tough RC car when it comes to offroad racing and showing off the coolest stunts. Built with a unique chassis, the Tornado RC car rides fast, rumbles, tumbles, and spins on 2 wheels!

Kids and kids at heart will find driving this cool stunt car totally enjoyable. It comes with a chunky remote transmitter with easy directional controls, responsive steering, and super maneuverability as it rolls on tough rubber tires.

See how much every member of your family enjoys the cool stunts and the patriotic red and blue LEDs when you drive this remote control toy car at night!

UFO 4000 Mini RC Drone

Ran out of fireworks? This mini remote control drone lights up with ultra bright red, white, and blue LEDs that shine so bright, no one will notice that the fireworks have run out. This RC drone is designed with 360° tough propeller guards ringed with vibrant LEDs -- race this remote control at night and watch it leave epic light trails in the sky.

The high-powered drone motor lets it fly at 2 warp speeds while the high capacity drone battery keeps it hovering in the sky nonstop for up to 18 minutes. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced drone flyers alike will enjoy flying this UFO drone that comes packed with an easy, no interference 2.4GHz remote transmitter.

Perform 360° flips, hover at a set height in Altitude Hold, and experience hassle-free drone to pilot orientation in Headless Mode -- all while enjoying the rest of the evening with friends and family.

Scoot LED Hand Drone

Put your hands up! Celebrate our independence with this hand controlled drone that flies with vibrant patriotic colors! Toss this mini drone into the air, put a hand up to control its flight, and watch it light up the night sky with neon-colored blue and red LEDs.

The Scoot drone is well known and loved by drone flyers from kids age 8 to kids at heart age 99+. No wonders there as this hand controlled drone flies on its own! That’s made possible by the smart motion detector sensors strategically placed all around the drone body. These sensors automatically detect hands and other “obstacles” then fly towards the opposite direction--all on its own.

Bond with loved ones by playing modern day catch, high tech volleyball, and more with this hand operated mini drone for kids and adults.

F100GP Ghost Camera Drone

Celebrations are not complete without pictures! And what more fun way to capture golden moments with family and friends than one that’s done from the sky. This remote control drone is equipped with a detachable action camera that takes 1080p HD photos and video footage--perfect for preserving rare and special moments in vivid colors.

Take control of this brushless motor drone with the easy 2.4GHz remote transmitter. Launch and fly with ease while the high landing gear ensures smooth landing. This remote control camera drone flies with 2 high capacity batteries, nonstop for 30 minutes. 
Another cool feature of this RC camera drone is the swappable shells -- change between white, blue, or black and race in 2 speeds. The included action camera mount is compatible with GoPro Heroes 3 and 4.


Enjoy good food, great music, the company of family and friends, and freedom. Get that much-needed chill and relaxation time from everything that’s been happening in the world. Whether you’re the host or the guest at a 4th of July party, make sure to bring good vibes (and good treats) to the table.

Happy Independence Day, America!

P.S. Feel free to share your 4th of July pictures with us!