What’s the Fastest Drone in the World?

December 04, 2018

What’s the Fastest Drone in the World? - Force1RC

What’s the Fastest Drone in the World?

Great question, but before we get to that we’d like to talk about a racing drone of our own – the Force1 FPV 220 RTF. Whoa, buddy.

We’ve put a lot of thought into our FPV racing drone. Force1’s FPV 220 RTF Racing Kit is for all the pilots who want to get racing and have fun behind the controls of a demon that hustles.

What’s the Fastest Drone in the World? - Force1RC

You can’t stop us from gushing about this FPV drone with camera live video. Here’ why:

3000-Ft. Signal Distance

The racing drone has a signal distance a little over a half-mile. Fun perk: Our DYS FPV drone is also an acro drone. Your drone connection is solid whether you’re performing flips and tight turns on obstacle courses or racing across a distance of 10 football fields.

One of the Lightest on the Market

Our FPV drone has been carefully engineered to cut out any unnecessary weight. The carbon fiber frame keeps your speedster nimble and stable in the air while providing complete support to the integrated electronics, propellers and camera.

Brushless SE2205-2300K Motors

Brushless motors pack a lot of power and push your quadcopter drone to the limit. These brushless motors go head-to-head with some of the top racing drone motors available.

Enhanced HD CCD Camera

The drone with camera live video capabilities has a small HD CCD camera that offers super sharp imagery and light sensitivity. Extra pixels in every shot bring your FPV drone flight into focus when you’re busy racing at top speeds.

AT-9 Transmitter + Mushroom Antenna

The 5.8 GHz mushroom antenna on this FPV racing drone boosts the signal for every flight - connectivity is the name of the game here. Plus, your remote includes an LCD screen for when you’re not using the VR goggles. Cast aside lost signal worries and lay down the law of the sky!

Take the throttle, Maverick! The fastest drone in the world is out there, but who’s to say you won’t be next?

Cool! But, what’s the fastest racing drone in the world?

Okay, racing drone pop quiz comin’ atcha: In what movie do you hear the quote, “I feel the need. The need for speed!”

Yeah, you guessed it. (You said “Top Gun,” right?) Speed. What a word. We’ve got speed on the mind this week. Anyone with a racing drone has wondered: what’s the fastest drone? We’ve got answers coming your way and of course, a racing drone recommendation that’ll feed that need.

So straight to it – what’s the fastest racing drone?

On July 13, 2017, the DRL Racer X took the Guinness World Record for fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter, clocking in at 163.5 mph. That’s fast!

What’s the Fastest Drone in the World? - Force1RC

According to the record page, earlier prototypes of the fast remote control drone crashed into flames at high speeds. (Where are those videos?)

We at Force1 tip our hats to the Drone Racing League (DRL) engineers who concocted the perfect blend of weight, acceleration and speed for this reigning racing drone champion.

So, what makes a fast racing drone?

What makes DRL’s record so impressive is that it more than doubles the top speed of your average FPV racing drone on the market now.

Both factory-made and custom-made racing drones reach average speeds of around 60-90 mph. Here are some of the features to look for if you want to gear up with your own FPV racing drone:


When you’re racing your drone, you want the strongest connection possible. If you can’t wrangle your drone’s twists and turns in a race – game over. 

This might not be the feature on the top of most lists, but think about it: What good is a quadcopter drone that cuts out midflight because of a crappy signal? Find a racing drone kit that’ll giddy-up when you want it to.

Fast and Powerful Motors

The muscle. Your drone motors have to push your quadcopter to the limits. Brushless motors are a great feature to look for on a racing drone, because of their efficiency and power output.

They can be smaller - something to consider on tightly designed quadcopters - but they can keep the voltage pumping at a high level. Brushless motors are also quiet, letting you race your drone like a ninja soaring through the sky.


Propellers, engine, camera. Check, check, check. But what’s gonna hold it all together? Your drone frame has to carry the whole package and hold up. Yes, you want your drone quadcopter to be light, but not too light. Durable, but keeping your lightweight edge.

Sounds like a Goldilocks puzzle, right? The speediest drones are made of a carbon-fiber frame that can be light, stable and strong all at once. Make sure your FPV racing drone does the same.


More and more drones include first-person view (FPV) functions. Get in the race with a pair of VR goggles so that you are the eye of the drone; the drone’s flight whizzing through your retina and setting every brain synapse a-cracklin’ with high-speed fury. That’s a rush!

Now that you’re in the know, go get started now with a racing drone that’ll whip up some serious flybys!