The Toughest Drone

March 10, 2019

The Toughest Drone - Force1RC

What makes a drone tough?

You’ll find plenty drones claiming they’re the toughest, but are they? What is tough? Let’s get to the bottom of the question, then let’s look at some drones that actually ARE tough.

If you go to YouTube and look for “tough” drones, here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

A baseball bat to a drone. An SUV running over a drone. A drone shot down with a shotgun.  – Yes, these videos actually exist!

Dive down the rabbit hole and you’ll find that the toughest drones aren’t the biggest. They’re not built like flying tanks. They’re definitely not heavy. No, the toughest drones are durable through design.

Here are some design features that you should consider when looking for the best drone that’ll bounce back every time.

Protect the propellers!

Wide open spaces are great, but chances are, you’re going to be dealing with obstacles at some point or another. It could be a tree, a building, even another drone! Propeller guards keep your blades protected (and spinning) when your potential hazard proximity is a little too close for comfort.

Quadcopters like the UF0 4000 and the U49WF Blue Heron come to mind here because their propeller guards are built right into the frame.

Some drones for beginners have detachable propeller guards that can get snagged on a tree branch or fall out. If your propellers are perpetually protected, there’s significantly less chance you’ll have to replace them.

Cushion the Camera!

U49WF allows you to have stable video footage and clear crisp images with its rubber-damping techology. Smooth livestreaming has never been easy with this drone feature. Enjoy capturing timeless memories with our U49WF drone!More and more camera drones feature rubber-damping technology to cushion the jitters and jiggles of your footage.

This drone technology allows a drone with camera attachments to maneuver effectively without the worry of a lost signal, which can be the difference maker when it comes to smooth livestreaming.

The U49WF drone with live camera video technology comes through in this department with rubber damping that stabilizes your camera drone’s live video feed, while simultaneously protecting the 720p camera.

Check out this awesome camera drone and enjoy capturing memories from a bird's-eye view!

Less weight is better.

Imagine whacking a drone and it bounces back as if nothing--Scoot drone does that. This motion sensor drone allows you to maneuver it by hand. It is build with soft flexible plastic that you don't have to worry about damage and just enjoy.There’s a lot going on inside a drone as it hurtles through the air.

Your drone is made of delicate moving parts. If one piece is damaged, out of alignment, out of whack, the drone’s coming down.

Take the weight away and there’s a lot less impact.

Pack on the pounds and it’s super-smash time.

The Scoot auto drone is a great hover drone for beginners precisely because of its super lightweight and flexible plastic shell.

This mini drone might not look so tough, but if he bumps into a wall, he’ll bounce right back.
He’s got guts, this kid.

Get yourself a Scoot and see for yourself.

Extra shells couldn’t hurt!

You never have to worry about aethetic damages to your drone; the F100 Ghost comes with three shells. Your drone can be fashionable and at the same time protected. You have the option to select your favorite look and not worry about damages with the extra shell available.What if your drone experiences an impact that significantly damages its shell? A quadcopter shell doesn’t have to be a suit of armor, but it should be durable, tough and effective enough to protect your drone in a crash.

Add bonus shells into the mix and you’re keeping yourself stocked for long-lasting durability.

The F100 Ghost long range drone comes with not one, not two - but three shells!

Having more shells lets you pick your favorite look while also providing you with plenty of backup options if one shell gets dented or damaged. Long story short:

The F100 Ghost HD camera drone is tough, durable, and has a look for every occasion.

High landing gear sets you above the rest.

Helicopters have landing gear, why not drones? High landing gear keeps your drone motor off the ground and helps absorb the shock of a tough landing. This simple design feature may not seem like much, but it comes back around to standing tall in the end. Tough drones stay tough by sticking the landing with high landing gear.

An easy landing and a well cushioned drone makes it lasts longer. F100 Ghost has a simple landing gear design bonus feature to ensure that your drone and the camera stays safe during landing. Imagine having a fashionable yet durable drone all in one.


Hey look at that! Not only does the F100 Ghost feature extra shells, it’s also designed to keep the drone and the drone camera safe when landing. Here’s a bonus feature for the F100 Ghost – it comes with a GoPro-ready mount. If you want a front row seat to see just how tough your F100 is in the sky – gear up with a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 and get flying!

Guard rails are great.

Taking bumpers to a whole new level with U34W Dragonfly indoor drone. Guard rails provides added protection for accidental crashes. Enjoy your indoor drone but please don't intentionally crash it.Here’s a thought: What if a drone had bumpers?

There are guard rails in bowling alleys, why not drones?

Guard rails are actually a real thing and have a couple of benefits: First, they give you added stability while flying. Second, they provide added protection to your drone’s body and blades – just like bowling lane bumpers keeping you in line for that perfect strike.

The U34W Dragonfly is one of our most stable FPV camera drones.

The included guard rails make this an action-ready indoor drone and outdoor drone.

Keep in mind, the guard rails are for added protection, don’t intentionally try to crash your RC drone!

So back to that question: What makes a drone tough? If a fighter gets knocked down in the ring and gets up again, that seems pretty darn tough. But here’s the difference: A drone is not made to fight – it’s made to soar. Look for top protection features like the ones mentioned here and stay flying longer.

In the meantime, let YouTube be your source for drones going head-to-head with carwashes, soccer balls and even drone vs. drone battles (Game of Drones!).