May 23, 2018


Deals On Drones, Quadcopters, RC Boats and More To Kick Off The Summer Right!

3 days. 72 hours. 259,200 seconds … of weekend! Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, which means - heads up! Force1’s got the Memorial Day Sale of sales on Amazon for drones, quadcopters and RC boats – all 25% off! Stock up on fun to set the table for the big ol’ summer of awesome you’re about to have! 

Use coupon code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon for the Memorial Day Sale!

Let’s be honest: Memorial Day is the unofficial gong of summer. It’s the signal telling us to: Go outside! Play hard! Have fun in the sun!

Soar through the spacious skies with a new RC quadcopter; glide through the pools and ponds of your neighborhood with a new RC boat; the great big world is calling!

We’re amping up the fun from sea to shining sea. Here’s a peek:

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: UFO 3000 TOY DRONE (49.99 37.49)!

UFO 3000 Drone, Drones for beginners, Glow drone, RC quadcopter

The UFO drone is small but packed with play. It’s a great drone for beginners and has a cool set of glowing green and blue lights that make it an otherworldly sight as it streaks through the night sky.

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: U45W BLUE JAY DRONE (129.99 97.49)!

Quadcopter for Memorial Day, RC drone, drones for sale

The neighbors will spy this bird of the backyard and wish they had one! The Blue Jay connects to your phone for WiFi first-person views, customized routes, easy one-button flips and more! Mark your territory with the Blue Jay!

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: DRAGONFLY QUADCOPTER (119.99 89.99)!

Drone for sale, Dragonfly drone, Memorial Day sale

The Dragonfly drone is another great drone for beginners. It can fly indoors and out; it comes with a 720p HD camera; its super-stable and features 1-Key Lift/Landing! Catch the summer breeze behind the controls of a Dragonfly!

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: X5UW THUNDERBOLT DRONE (129.99 97.49)!Drone, Thunderbolt drone, Gold drone, Quadcopter for Memorial Day



When The Thunderbolt WiFi FPV drone is rumbling in the sky, a fun storm’s a-comin’! Altitude Hold, Customized Flight Path Capabilities and 1-Key Lift/Landing functions are all bundled into this package of drone gold!

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: BLUE HERON DRONE (179.99 134.99)! &THE RED HERON DRONE (129.99 97.49)!

Blue Heron Drone, drone with camera, quadcopter with camera, drone photographyRed Heron drone, drone photography, drone with camera, drone for sale, Memorial day sale

Soar like an eagle above it all with one of these birds! These HD Camera drones are durable, great for beginners and feature amazing stability in the sky. They’re a great pair – get them both on sale and fly them with your best bud!

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: F100 GHOST DRONE (179.99 134.99)!

Shadow drone, drone for sale, racing drone, drone with camera

This drone is for the adrenaline junkies! It flies fast and has a range of more than five football fields. It’s spooky quiet with its brushless motor technology and GOPRO ready for daring drone photographers!

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: UDI001 RED VENOM RC BOAT (59.99 44.99)!

Red Venom RC boat, speed RC racing boat, Memorial Day RC sale

This RC boat is a ton of fun in the pond or pool; it has a water-cooled motor for faster cruising; it’s also great for RC boat beginners. Add the Venom RC toy to your cart and speed through the seas under the summer sun!

Use Code 25MEMORIAL on Amazon: UDI007 VOYAGER RC BOAT (69.99 52.49)!

RC boat, RC toy boat, racing RC boat for kids

This speedster RC boat slices through the water at up to 18 mph in any freshwater pond or lake. Set up your own RC boat racing league this summer and compete all season long!

We’re flying our fun flag this Memorial Day weekend! You’ve got 3 days to head to Amazon and kick off the season right. Gear up with great deals! Find your fun with Force1 this summer!