The 2019 Drone Buyer’s Guide

November 15, 2019

The 2019 Drone Buyer’s Guide - Force1RC

We’re entering the gift-giving season. And you might have questions like:

What’s the best drone for beginners?

What kind of camera drone should I buy?

Where can I find the best high-tech toys for men and women? For kids? For grandkids?

Sounds like the perfect time to announce our2019 Drone Buyer’s Guide.We went back to basics this holiday season with three categories: The Scoot Drone Collection, Drones for Beginners, and Advanced Flyers.  

There are tons of drones to choose from these days, so let us steer you right with a wide selection of quadcopters for every experience level. Here’s a preview of each section:

The Scoot Drone Collection

Force1 Scoot hands free drone collection features beginner indoor drones in 4 different versions with lights, flips and a larger sizeSince launching our original Scoot Drone in 2018, we’ve received high praise for these flying toys. We’ve gone even bigger this year with ourScoot Collection of hand controlled drones for kids and adults. 

Curious about flying your first drone? These small drones are a great place to start. First off, they don’t even need a remote. Motion sensors detect walls, furniture, and even hand gestures to navigate. Plus, these drones are equipped with protective cages to safeguard the blades and motors. 
With our new collection, we’re providing even more options for Scoot fans. There’s Scoot Duo, a 2-pack of our original Scoot mini drones; Scoot XL, a bigger, bouncier Scoot drone; and Scoot 2, which is just like the original Scoot, but with vibrant LED lights – it performs 360° flips, too!

Check out the collection and find your perfect Scoot.

Drones for Beginners

2-1 Drone kids can use 2 ways - as a hover board drone and a paraglider drone. A new beginner drone from Force1
Every day, we’re helping new customers discover drones. For first-time pilots, there may be several questions to answer before diving in. Here are a couple of things to know beforehand:
What is Altitude Hold?
This is a feature on some drones that keeps a drone hovering at a set height to provide more stability for new pilots.
What is Headless Mode?
When flying in Headless Mode, the drone automatically orients itself to the remote transmitter; in other words, the drone will always fly forward, backward, left and right based on where you’re standing.
What is FPV Mode?
Many of our camera drones can be flown with apps directly from your phone. When doing so, you can stream first-person-view (FPV) footage straight to your mobile device.
Stunt Riders is one of our newest additions to our collection of drones for beginners:  
This two-in-one drone converts into a paraglider or hoverboard and comes with an action figure that hovers or hangs from the drone. With easy features like 1-Key Launch/Land, Altitude Hold, and Headless Mode, this mini RC drone is a great choice for new flyers.

Advanced Flyers 

Force1 Advanced drones come with all the top features and HD camera for optimal drone flight and crisp, clear aerial footage. Check out the complete drone buyer guide now to find the best drone for you!
Our Advanced Collection has you covered with hi-tech drones with an array of features like VR-Compatibility, Wi-Fi Mobile Device Flying and GPS Navigation, just to name a few.
A couple highlights from the collection: 
Blue Heron
This FPV drone can be flown with compatible Virtual Reality (VR) goggles for a more immersive flight experience. Use your smartphone to fly this camera drone and experience crystal clear imagery in 720p HD.
Shadow Hex
This GPS drone rules the skies for up to 30 minutes per session in Follow-Me, Sentry, and Waypoint Modes. Elite brushless drone motors power this drone to follow your signal in a 600-meter range while capturing HD photos and videos from above.

We strive to be your #1 destination for everything RC. Check out theDrone Buyer’s Guide and find your perfect flyer this season!

As always, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the business. Reach out anytime for flying tips, drone safety questions, replacement requests, and anything else regarding our fleet of RC products. We’re always ready to help.

Happy Holidays from Force1!