Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys 

March 12, 2021

Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys  - Force1RC

As spring approaches, everyone is getting thrilled about warmer days and spending more time under the sun. Officially, we will be having more daylight soon - daylight saving starts 14th March - and we will be hearing more about spring breaks as we reach the 20th. Such exciting times!

While traveling is still out of the question for most of us, this doesn’t mean that we can’t have some outdoor fun anytime soon. Springtime is a great time hiking and camping if you wish to avoid the summer crowd and take advantage of the cool-but-not-freezing weather. 

But before you venture into the great outdoors, why not kick off spring with some backyard-friendly family outdoor fun? It’s time to grab some of these remote-controlled toys and get your backyard party started...

Mighty Mud Crawlers

It’s time to brave muddy puddles with these speedy crawler cars! Built with grippy tires and powerful, high-speed motors, these cool crawlers won’t let you down on any terrain. These RC cars feature double-sided driving, 360-degree flips, spins, and other stunts the family will surely enjoy.

Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys  - Force1RC

Tornado cruising the concrete...

  • Tornado. Ultra-fast remote control car with a ‘tornado’ spin function. If you love high-speed spinning cars with LED lights, this Tornado is a good one to test drive.
    • Crawler 6. Navigate grassy, sandy, or rocky backyards with this powerful RC car with not 4, but 6 wheels! Watch this ultimate remote control car rumble and tumble as it shifts wheels as you race. 

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    • Cyclone. Built for off-road racing and all-terrain rides, the Cycloneflipping remote control car can be your go-to car for fun outdoor racing. Wanna see a cool trick? Hit ‘cyclone’ mode and watch this LED car go wild.P.S. It’s on SALE for a limited time!

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      Sports Cars

      Go mighty fast and furious with our funky racing toys! While you’ll surely enjoy racing with high-speed Force1 RC cars like the Techno Racer, Fog Racer, and F1 Sport, these cars feature so much more. 

      Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys  - Force1RC

      Get funky with Techno Racer...

      • Techno Racer.Change car shells like you would your clothes - the Techno Racer racecar features realistic sound effects and funky techno music for more fun while you drive! 

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      • Fog Racer LED Car. Excited to burn rubber in your backyard? Fret no more, because this cool car does that for you! Watch the Fog Runner car leave a mist trail each time you speed away in this fancy car. Plus, the fog racer comes with removable, interchangeable shells for drivers who like to pimp their ride.
      • F1 Sport RC Car. If you’re looking for a compact racer that’s competitive enough for indoor and backyard drives, the mini F1 Sport Racer is what comes to mind. With only a scale of 1:20, this small race car is the excellent choice for quick test runs and leisure drives. 

        Kid-Friendly Trucks

        How about some kid-friendly fun when you’re out in the sun? For your tiny apprentice drivers, we have the following toy options in case racing the RC toys above are a bit intense for their liking. 

        Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys  - Force1RC

        Construction RC Trucks for tiny builders...

        • Mini Construction Trucks. Got a little builder who loves RC too? Enjoy build site-themed play with this mini construction truck set! And yes - it comes with two mini remote-controlled trucks (crane and a dump truck) for sharing and playdates. 

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        • Mini Firetrucks. Your mini firefighters at home will enjoy this 2-pack firetruck set - this truck duo features a spray truck and a lift truck built for your tiny firefighting hero. 

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        Both sets feature RC action, LED lights, and a few movable parts that allow kids to simulate their beloved trucks. 

        BONUS:RC Fast Boat

        Ready to navigate the freshwater with a toy boat? We’ve got you covered! Choose between our Velocityspeed RC boat(our fastest speedboat yet) and our favorite jet ski boat (our ultimate beginner boat) for your river, lake, or pool adventures!

        Spring Outdoor Fun with RC Toys  - Force1RC

        Outrun the waves with Wave Runner...

        Get Ready to Welcome Spring With These Fun RC Toys

        Ready to have some outdoor fun with these RC toys? Feel free to browse our remote-controlled toy collections (from cars and trucks to drones!) to check which RC toy to bring with your spring adventures. Or, feel free to send us a message if you need help figuring out which toys to choose!