How Do Motion Sensor Drones Work?

February 08, 2020

How Do Motion Sensor Drones Work? - Force1RC

The futuristic motion sensors that allow hands-free drone flying earned us a decade-worth of positive feedback since the launching of our original Scoot drone in 2018. But how do motion sensor drones actually work? 

Have you heard of motion sensor drones? Force1 Scoot drones are authenticated for their hi-tech features that inspire careers in emerging fields that use drones.

Toss to Launch

TheScoot Classic piloted the craze for these hands-free ball drones for Force1. It’s compact, it’s lightweight, and it’s very easy for kids to fly. Gently toss this mini drone into the air and the four, encased blades of this quadcopter automatically begin spinning.

 Experience your very own mini UFO hovering over and lighting up any indoor space with its bright LEDs

Built for kids, each of these hand controlled drones is designed for safety and features a durable webbed drone shell that protects the propellers, motors, fingers, and walls. 

 Control with Your Hand

The built-in high-tech obstacle avoidance sensors let you to fly and control these drones with your hands. You do this by simply putting a hand up to the side or under the body of the drone, and this mini ball drone will fly in the opposite direction. You will not make any contact with the flying drone - it will simply sense your hand and reverse flight direction.

 Fun Indoor Drone

The high tech obstacle avoidance sensors allow this gravity-defying mini drone to fly on its own. That said, these motion sensor drones are best played in indoor spaces like home, offices, dorms, and classrooms where there are walls and ceilings to work as obstacles and guides to help this hand drone navigate around on its own. 

No Remote Control Needed! 

Hand controlled drones use motion sensors to fly and drone “pilots” use their hands to control which direction these sensor drones will fly - no remote control needed! 

This makes these hand controlled drones an easy favorite for family gatherings and parties where multiple people can play with one flying ball drone at the same time. Gather friends and family members and double up the fun by launching two Scoot drones at the same time with theScoot Duo

Please note that the Scoot XL does come with a teardrop remote for 1-key lift and land for added convenience and a completely hands-free drone flying experience.

Grab Like a Hamburger to Stop

Done playing for the day? Gently grab Scoot “hamburger-style” to stop. Grab and flip this mini drone upside down and it will automatically turn off - or you can use the mini teardrop remote included as a bonus feature with theScoot XL

Choose Your Motion Sensor Drone:

I want..

  • A Bigger Drone -Scoot XL is currently the largest at 5.75” D (other Scoot drones measure 4.75” D)
  • A Brighter Drone -Scoot LED features a full band of bright LEDs across its drone body
  • More Drones - Get 2 original Scoot drones in one pack with theScoot Duo

Which is your favorite Scoot drone? Submit your answer in the comment section below. 😉

  1. Scoot Classic
  2. Scoot Duo
  3. Scoot XL
  4. Scoot LED
  5. All of the above