Force1 Summer Buyer’s Guide 2020

August 04, 2020

Force1 Summer Buyer’s Guide 2020 - Force1RC

Wondering what exciting tech toys to buy this summer but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a bunch of tech toys waiting for you, from best-selling camera drones to cool remote-controlled cars and boats. In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find a treasure trove of sensational, summer-perfect (indoor and outdoor) fun toys for the whole family.

Summer Fun with Force1 RC Toys


There is a drone for everyone. From easy to fly indoor kids’ drones to more complex HD camera drones for the great outdoors, here are awesome drone steals you’d want to watch out for.

Kids’ Drones

Drones are for children too! For kids, simple, easy to control drones = tons of fun. If you’re looking for a no-remote hover drone, you’ll like the Scoot hover drones - they’re cool UFO drones controlled just by your hand gestures. Available in several colors, a mini versiona 2-pack version for drone racing, and an XL version for maximum enjoyment. 

As for kids who love action figures, how about a 2-in1, stunt paragliding drone? It’s a mini drone with its own stunt rider. The stunt rider flies on hoverboard by default, but you can easily set it up as a paraglider. Fly it as an indoor mini drone or as a stunt drone for pretend playtime - the sky’s the limit.

For a lightweight and compact drone with beginner features, this UFO drone with LED lights is a good choice. Smaller than most traditional drones and with one key lift and land, the UFO 4000 is effortless to navigate. Race the UFO drone indoors or in the backyard and make it do flips as you like!

Best-Selling Drones

If you want more traditional drones, why not go with our proven, user-tested top three drone favorites: the U45WF Blue Jay, the U49WF Blue Heron, and the F100GP Ghost Drone. All of these drones do 360-degree flips, have a substantial flight time, are equipped with an HD camera, and include extra batteries. 

Force1 Summer Buyer’s Guide 2020 - Force1RC

The U45WF Blue Jay and U49WF Blue Heron are beginner-level drones that can fly as high as 100 to 150 meters (but be mindful of the regulations when flying at different locations!). With altitude hold, headless mode, FPV (first-person view), and one-key lift/land, these drones are excellent for beginner drone enthusiasts. And there’s the F100GP Ghost drone, equipped with 1080p HD drone camera, brushless motors, and capable of flying at higher altitudes than the two other drones. 

A drone with an altitude hold means it can hover at a certain height to provide stability for a beginner drone pilot. Headless mode in drones means that it will always fly forward, backward, left, or right depending on where you’re standing.

More Drones to Buy

While we do love our top three drones, we’d like to introduce you to other interesting drones in our lineup and some of their best features:

  • F200SE Shadow Hex - This 1080p HD camera drone has altitude hold, 1 key lift/land, and headless mode. Equipped with a point-of-interest GPS mode, you can make this drone follow you via an app. Plus, it can go home on its own too!
  • F100 Ghost - Similar to its popular F100GP brother but without the camera. Snugly fits your GoPro action camera. 
  • U818A+ Camera Drone - HD camera drone with headless mode and 6-axis gyro stability, making it wind resistant and easy to maneuver for stunts.
  • X5UW Thunderbolt - Awesome 720p HD gold drone with FPV, altitude hold, 1key lift/land, and custom route mode.
  • F72 Rogue - This 720p HD camera drone with altitude hold, 1 key lift/land, and custom route mode is great for beginners, especially with its adjustable speeds.

Cool Remote Control Toys

Remote control toys are a hit for boys and girls (and even adults) this summer. From high-speed mini stunt cars and glow-in-the-dark race tracks to speedy RC boats, these toys will make your summers more enjoyable (and tolerable), especially when you’re stuck at home.

RC Cars

If you want a car that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor function, then the Cyclone is great for you. This on and off-road-ready car with oversized tires performs 360-degree flips and tricks with its double-sided design. Put the pedal to the metal with this [nearly] uncrashable car!

The perfect companion for your action figures, the Skid Kid remote control car is a cool stunt car with flipping, tilting wheels that run real fast forwards, backwards, and even sideways. Play with it indoors, outdoors, and strap in your favorite superhero, soldier, or any mini action figure. 

For indoor racing fun, why not build-your-own race track? Race with friends and family to build awesome tracks and have fun racing the LED cars in them too. Bonus? This 360-piece track glows-in-the-dark so it’s great for nighttime playtime as well!

RC Boats

Water-lovers, rejoice! Whether you’re heading to the lake, pond, river, or just your backyard pool, these Force1 remote controlled boats will keep you company. 

Are you an RC boat beginner? If so, then our Wave Speeder is perfect for you. This (newly launched) ultimate beginner jet ski boat toy glides effortlessly in any body of fresh water and it’s easy to control by kids and adults alike. 

Force1 Summer Buyer’s Guide 2020 - Force1RC

If you’re up for something stronger, our best-selling UDI007 Voyager is your best bet. Cruising the waters at speeds of 30 km/h (18 mph), you’ll have tons of fun with this RC motorboat. With an anti-tilt hull and capsize recovery function, the Voyager can withstand sharp twists and turns in the water.

Bonus? Each one is equipped with a low battery alarm so these RC boats won’t die on you. Plus, since they’re running a 2.4GHz frequency, you can race multiple boats at the same time!

Make Your Summers More Exciting With RC Toys

Summers can be awesome even when spent at home. Although road trips and dream vacations are temporarily put on hold, getting fun remote-controlled toys can make summers more enjoyable. Wanna know which kind of pilot are you? Check out our drone buying guide here