Mobile Anti-Spam Policy

This Force1 Mobile Marketing Anti-Text SPAM Policy (“Policy”) establishes rules that govern certain of the marketing activities undertaken in connection with the Force1 Products and Services (as that term is defined in the Force1 Terms of Use (“Terms”). Please review this Policy carefully.  This Policy, and the marketing activities undertaken in connection with the Force1 Products and Services, shall be governed by all applicable Force1 agreements including, without limitation, the Terms and Force1 Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Force1 Agreements”). This Policy is hereby incorporated into the Force1 Agreements, and any and all terms and conditions contained therein shall apply to this Policy. Where there is a conflict between the terms and conditions of this Policy and those of the Force1 Agreements, the applicable Force1 Agreements shall govern in all respects. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Terms.  IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS POLICY IN THEIR ENTIRETY, YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THE Force1 Products and Services.

The Policy / Text SPAM

Kaliber Global LLC and Kaliber Global LLC. (“Force1,” “we,” “our” or “us”), by and through this Policy and the other Force1 Agreements, establishes strict procedures and requirements to avoid unsolicited, unexpected or unwanted text messages (collectively, “Text SPAM”).  Text SPAM includes text messages that are sent: (a) without obtaining the “prior express written consent” from the applicable Consumer Contacts to receive text messages, within the meaning of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 USC § 227), and its implementing regulations adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (47 CFR § 64.1200), as amended from time-to-time (the “TCPA”); (b) in violation of other applicable law; (c) in violation of current guidelines and/or Best Practices set forth by both the Mobile Marketing Association (“MMA”) and all participating mobile telephone carriers; and (d) to a Consumer Contact about a subject that the Consumer Contact did not request to be contacted about. 

No Third-Party Databases

Our clients are only permitted to use verified opt-in Customer Contact databases in connection with the Force1 Products and Services. Our clients are NOT permitted to use any third-party owned lists in connection with the Force1 Products and Services, whether or not legally sufficient consent has been obtained from the Customer Contacts on the applicable third-party owned lists.

Policy Enforcement

We do not tolerate Text SPAM in any way. If we suspect a violation of this Policy, we may, at our sole discretion, immediately suspend or terminate the users Account. Our Terms require clients to agree to the terms and conditions of this Policy.  In addition, upon incorporating a list of Consumer Contacts for use in connection with the Force1 Offerings, clients are required to represent that the list is owned by them, contains only opt-in Consumer Contacts and that they otherwise comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein, as well as the Terms.

Opt-Out / Remove / Stop/ Help/ Unsubscribe

Force1 endeavors to ensure that all Consumer Contacts that receive Client Messages by and through the Force1 Products and Services can opt-out quickly, easily and permanently from unwanted text communications. Initially, Force1 requires that all clients agree to include clear opt-out/unsubscribe information in EVERY Client Message that is sent by and through the Force1 Products and Services.  As an additional measure, all Client Messages sent using the Force1 Products and Services can be tracked and, as such, the applicable recipient can be removed, by Force1, from the applicable sender list. Lastly, Consumer Contacts that receive Client Messages can utilize the other options set forth below.  

Force1 maintains an OPT-OUT list that restricts our clients from adding a mobile number to their list of Consumer Contacts that has previously opted-out.  If you wish to remove yourself from any Consumer Contact list, please visit You also may reply to the Client Message that you received by using the following keyword (STP).

Finally, you may send a text message containing the word "STOP" to the number (72562 for USA), (458 000 500 for Australia), (88444 for United Kingdom), (72000 in Canada, please respond with either HELP (AIDE) or STOP (ARRET), (or 268 for New Zealand) from your mobile phone.

(Example of welcome message:  Bienvenue chez { Campaign Name } Alertes! Les messages standards et les taux des donnéespeuvents’appliquer{ Message frequency } Répondre AIDE pour de l’aide, et ARRET pour annuler.)

Please report any Text SPAM or other abuse to us directly, and include, if possible: (a) the applicable sender ID in the text message that you received; (b) your mobile telephone number (to be removed); (c) the date and time that you received the text message; and (d) the contents of the message.  You can report Text SPAM or other abuse by e-mailing us at: